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      "Lieutenant," I began eagerly as he was drawing away, "is--?""Not on your life," roared the Doctor. "At the worst I shall bore you with my many-times-told jests."

      All really important questions in life came under the heading of Time and Space, thought of in capital letters. Recently, he had struggled through a difficult book, in which the author used these expressions a great many times, although in a sense difficult to grasp. Nevertheless, it suddenly became obvious, in a small way, exactly what the chap had been driving at.

      He paused abruptly, aware that certain peculiar changes were taking place in the physiognomy of the Clockwork man. His strange organism seemed to be undergoing a series of exceedingly swift and complicated[Pg 138] physical and chemical processes. His complexion changed colour rapidly, passing from its usual pallor to a deep greenish hue, and then to a hectic flush. Concurrent with this, there was a puzzling movement of the corpuscles and cells just beneath the skin.

      "But what happens," Arthur wanted to know, "when the clock works properly?"

      "I can't do it," he gasped, "I can't really. You mustexcuse me.""Never mind," said Gregg, cheerfully, "it's all in the game."

      He began to vibrate again, his whole frame quivering and shaking. Little blue sparks scintillated around the back part of his head. He lifted one leg up as though to take a step forward; and then his ears flapped wildly, and he remained with one leg in mid-air and a finger to his nose.

      "How can I help it?" implored the Clockwork man, in despair. "They made me like this. I don't want to alarm youbut, you know, it alarms me sometimes. You can't imagine how trying it is to feel that at any moment you might change into something elsesome horrible tree-climbing ancestor. The thing ought not to happen, but it's always possible. They should have thought of that when they made the clock.""Of course not," rapped out the Clockwork man, "I'm only an invention."


      "Never mind," said Gregg, cheerfully, "it's all in the game."


      "union man, I take it, is he not?"The Clockwork man nodded quickly, as though recollecting something. Then he moved his right hand spasmodically upwards and inserted it between the lapels of his jacket, somewhere in the region of his waistcoat. He appeared to be trying to find something. Presently he found what it was he looked for, and his hand moved again with a sharp, deliberate action. The noise stopped at once. "The silencer," he explained, "I forgot to put it on. It was such a relief to be working[Pg 17] again. I must have nearly stopped altogether. Very awkward. Very awkward, indeed."


      He sat down on the couch again. "Perhaps it is just as well that I did believe in the Clockwork man from the first; for while you have been going through these unpleasant experiences I have been thinking very hard, and have actually arrived at certain conclusions which are, I venture to think, amply confirmed by your story. That is why I have shown no surprise at your statements. The Clockwork[Pg 175] man is indeed true to his type as I have imagined him; he is the very embodiment of the future as I have long envisaged it."